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Music for film, television and video games is my main focus, alongside of a wealth of experience in pop arranging, orchestration, advanced score engraving, music preparation, and a portfolio of my own contemporary concert works too

Migi Parahita was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Playing and listening to music is one of her hobby since childhood. She started to learn music when she was 8 years old by playing classical piano, and decided to learn classical guitar at 12 years old. In 2008, she continued her jazz and classical study at Institut Musik Daya Indonesia, majoring on Jazz Guitar Improvisation. Then in 2012, she gets her musical Bachelor’s Degree at Sjuman School Of Music, majoring on Music Composition and Arrangement. Besides her formal study, she also actively participate in many workshop too. Her influences on music are so various. Aside from being a Composer and Arranger, Migi pretty much involved as guitar player too in different kinds of band and orchestra.


November 25th, 1990


Jakarta, ID


Music Composition & Arrangement


Institut Musik Daya Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

Bachelor’s Degree

Sjuman School of Music, Jakarta, Indonesia

L’enfant Vague

In Film Scoring

Prudential 2018-2019 “Syariah Destination”

In Background Music

ARTOTEL Jakarta “Leisure”

In Background Music

ARTOTEL Jakarta “Business”

In Background Music

PRUDENTIAL Indonesia 2016 “Edinburgh”

In Background Music

PRUDENTIAL Indonesia 2016 “Amsterdam”

In Background Music

PRUDENTIAL Indonesia 2016 “London”

In Background Music

PRUDENTIAL Indonesia 2016 “Brussels”

In Background Music

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (Opening Title)

In Film Scoring / Rescoring

The Amazing Spiderman 2 (Trailer)

In Film Scoring / Rescoring

The Painted Veil (Opening Title)

In Film Scoring / Rescoring

behind the music: Mery dan Leak

In Composition / Documentary

I am a composer and an arranger. Creating new music is basically my whole thing and I do it with pleasure…

Sayembara Musik Baru Bedasarkan Musik Tradisional

The premiere of “Mery dan Leak” in Chamber Orchestra formation at Teater Salihara on December 15th, 2011. Conducted by Michael Budiman.

Premiere of “Star-Whinskey”

At the first time “Star-Whinskey” played live by Sjuman School of Music and Fantasia Orchestra in Orchestra Ensemble formation at Sjuman School of Music’s performance hall. Conducted by Indri.

“Mery dan Leak” feat. IYSO & Kanako Abe

Selected as one of the works from Indonesian young composer by Indonesian Youth Symphony Orchestra. Played in Symphony Orchestra formation and conducted by a Japanese senior woman conductor, Kanako Abe.

Here I am now…

Still love making music for anything and everything…

I love to work with other people, so if you need a hand with a project go ahead and get in touch at migi@migiparahita.com